Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women

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As you may be aware, many survivors of domestic violence flee across state or tribal lines to escape abuse. Subsequently, they may be punished in interstate custody cases for having left the original state or tribe with their children. Attorneys and advocates who understand new federal and state laws can help survivors relocate safely without sacrificing custody of their children.

Many survivors, however, cannot find lawyers who understand these laws and the impact of domestic violence to represent them. The Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women, Inc. (LRC), located in Takoma Park, Maryland, is working to increase and to improve the legal representation available to survivors nationwide.

We need your help to develop a pool of attorneys to represent survivors in interstate custody cases. If you would be willing to learn more about the LRC and to potentially participate in its referral list, please send your contact information (telephone number) to We will call you to explain our screening process and mission.

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