Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women


How to find an attorney

It can be difficult to find an attorney to represent a domestic violence survivor in a custody case, particularly on a pro bono or a sliding scale basis. It is critical, however, for survivors to have representation in custody cases, and representation by attorneys who are experienced in litigating custody cases involving domestic violence. The LRC may be able to assist in locating attorneys when the case involves more than one state.

In other cases, advocates may wish to help survivors investigate some of the following resources to find attorneys or referrals to attorneys:

  • a Legal Services Corporation or local legal aid agency
  • a state domestic violence coalition
  • a local domestic violence program
  • a family law or protection order clinic at a local law school
  • a state bar association
  • a local bar association
  • a local womenís bar association
  • a local law firmís pro bono program
  • a local domestic violence program which has received a Violence Against Women Act grant to provide legal services to survivors

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