Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women

Alabama Long-Arm Statute

Ala. R. Civ. P. 4.2



Rule 4.2.  Process: Limits of effective service.


   (a) In-state service. All process may be served anywhere in this state and, when authorized by law or by these rules, may be served outside this state.

(b) Basis for out-of-state service. An appropriate basis exists for service of process outside of this state upon a person or entity in any action in this state when the person or entity has such contacts with this state that the prosecution of the action against the person or entity in this state is not inconsistent with the constitution of this state or the Constitution of the United States; or, the person or entity is sued in the capacity of guardian of a ward, or executor, administrator, or other personal representative of an estate, for the acts or omissions of a decedent or ward, and the person or entity so sued does not otherwise have sufficient contacts with this state in that capacity, but the decedent or ward would have been deemed to have sufficient contacts with this state if the action could have been maintained against the decedent or ward.

(dc) District court rule. Rule 4.2 applies in the district courts.

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