Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women

Technical Assistance

The Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women provides free technical assistance to attorneys handling interstate custody cases for domestic violence survivors. Among other assistance, LRC staff can:

  • Try to help you find an attorney to represent a survivor in another jurisdiction;
  • Provide you with practitionersí tools, including summaries of the relevant statutes and case law and sample pleadings;
  • Provide information to help you develop litigation strategies in specific cases;
  • Assist you with the preparation of motions and supporting briefs; and
  • Conduct legal research regarding novel issues in interstate custody cases.

Please note that the LRC cannot provide assistance in international cases.

To obtain technical assistance, please call the LRC at (301) 270-1550 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

The LRC also offers training on interstate custody cases and domestic violence. Get more information on trainings.

Many other organizations provide technical assistance for attorneys who represent domestic violence survivors. See a list of such organizations.

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